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Welcome to our Community

Mar 5, 2018

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Community of Makers !!

We have created African’s No. 1 Craft and DIY resource site for information, tips, events tutorials and workshops that would inspire the maker in you.

Thank you for choosing to join us, We hope that you would find the available resources and activities valuable in your ongoing or prospective DIY business or Idea. Be free to share articles, projects and topics that would be useful to other community members as well.

While on this site, please. endeavor to treat other members with respect, exchange ideas and share comments,  Be fair to everyone, just the same way you would like to be treated, avoid the use of profane languages and words that would kill the self esteem of other makers.  what may seem like a crazy idea today, may just become the next big thing tomorrow”

On this note, We welcome you onboard and we look forward to your contributions and suggestions.

Please don’t forget to follow us on social media for further conversations, share the post your love and sign up to become a free member by clicking here .


Osize and Gagu

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