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Five reasons why you should adopt the DIY lifestyle.

Mar 20, 2019


DIY is cool .There is nothing more satisfying than doing things for yourself.

” Sometimes your heart speaks best through your hands.”

Over the years,DIY  has become more popular. A lot of people are creating and making their own projects from start to finish and It is interesting to note that the love of DIY cuts across age,gender,sex,religion or social status.No two DIYer is the same but in general we are a friendly group of people who are not afraid to make mistakes.

After so many years of doing DIYs,making mistakes,wasting materials,bruising my hands,sourcing for raw materials and from my general DIY experiences.I have discovered  many benefits and I’m here to share the top five reasons why you should also adopt the DIY lifestyle.


1.You get to explore your creative side.

There is no better feeling than bringing your imagination to life .Doing a DIY project  creates the perfect opportunity for you to connect your hands with your brain. Hands on experiences makes you think better and faster, and you also learn better especially from your mistakes. So whether you are starting out a new project, or you are upcycling or recycling an old material you get to explore creativity in your own way.

2. It creates the perfect bonding opportunity.

One of the easiest way to bond  with your partner or children is by doing creative  things together. From  the endless banter you have with your partner when you are trying to set up your home furniture to the delegation of  chores to your little ones when get to learn more about your children and their genuine interests and you also unconsciously  pass down skills from generations to generations. so whether its baking, fencing, knitting, sewing, painting  etc …. DIY activities, helps to create bonding opportunities with you and your loved ones.

3. You can have a main or side hustle.

DIY Velvet ribbon

So many hand made businesses are thriving thanks to Etsy, amazon handmade and even Pinterest. I recently went for an event and the speaker said her business started accidentally. She made a swim wear for herself took a picture and put it on Instagram and she got a lot of requests for where she got her swim wear . immediately she saw that opportunity and took advantage of it. Today she is a household name in the Nigerian fashion scene. You can perfect your crafts and make them available for sale. Your hobby can start making you millions.

4.You connect with other creatives.

Team work

One of the most peculiar characteristics of DIY lovers is their willingness to help and share .There are so many communities where ideas, resources and tools are shared and genuine friendships are made and a perfect example is  at .We share ideas ,inspirations,  tutorials, kits to bring your project to life and we organize off line events for real life bonding. You should  join us.

5.You get bragging rights and you become more appreciative of people that create things.

I became more appreciative of my tailors, after I made my first skirt  and it took me over four hours and back ache to complete the skirt. I  got so many compliments and I was also very happy to say “I made my skirt”. DIY has made me appreciate artisans and everybody that makes things with their hands.

These are some of the reasons why I love DIYs. Are you a DIY lover?Join our growing community, follow us on our social media let the adventures begin.


Rainy Season Hacks and Tips

May 23, 2018

It’s that time of the year, where it starts to rain heavily and of course the rains are not  predictable, you can’t determine the when, how or the duration. so beyond reasonable doubts, rainy seasons comes with responsibilities. We love the rains and all the good things that comes with it. Fresh food, our favorite maize and mango etc. but without proper preparations it may become overwhelming and stressful. So! While saving for hand crafted canoes, We’ve got you “5 awesome Hacks for a seamless and hitch free Rainy Season’’


  1. GET A RAIN KIT: This is me pretty much stating the obvious but I just like to remind you that there is nothing more stressful than being outdoors and rain suddenly starts to fall. If you are unlucky and you have nothing to cover up yourself all your “swag” would be washed aways so it’s important to get a rain kit which consist of umbrella, rain coat and rubber shoes. depending on where you work or live try to buy durable and handy items for your kit that can fit into your bag so that you can use it for a long time. Rubber shoes would really come in handy as it dries off easily and it doesn’t give off that foul smell that comes with damp shoes. Invest in a rain kit today and thank us later.

2. HOME HACKS: don’t be caught unawares, close your doors and windows when leaving your house, if you have to set a reminder please do, you don’t want to be at that ‘owambe” when its raining and start thinking of the windows you didn’t close, don’t let that small chops pass you by. If your phones or gadget falls inside water fear not put it inside a bag of rice and leave it there for 48 hours your phone or gadget would be back to some of you have damp walls during rainy season and that comes with some unpleasant smell you can burn camphor or get some pots and plant mint leaves it can help to freshen up your apartment.

3. HEALTHY WAYS: A lot of parasites and micro-organisms tend to thrive during rainy season. So you should clear out your house, look out for leaking sinks, roofs, windows anything that would cause for stagnant water. You have to check your home drainage system if it needs to be evacuated don’t hesitate to do so. Clogged drainages can lead to flooding and if you can avoid it then by all means, avoid it. also you need to stack up on vitamin c to help boost your immunity against flu and common cold. you can buy multivitamin tablets or increase your fruit and vegetable intake. And also endeavor to stay warm.

4. ENGAGE AND PLAN FOR INDOOR ACTIVITIES: it’s generally more difficult to go out during rainy season. So most times we are stuck at home reading our favorite books or generally just chilling at home and it can sometimes be boring. Guess what? we have  cool ideas for you, call your neighbors or friends that live close by you can plan a games night, pajamas party, DIY with the girls, swapping party, hackathon …etc. the ideas are endless don’t let anything stand between you and  your fun, not even the rain. Just make some hot chocolate and small chops and your party is going to be lit.


5. GET INSURANCE: You are probably rolling your eyes for this. I mean, I would have rolled my eyes too, but you know, experience they say, is the best teacher.  if you live or you own a business in a flood prone area please go and get your valuables insured. Last year there was flooding in Lagos and somehow some people have not fully recovered from the loss they incurred, insurance serves as the raincoat, umbrella, rain boot to your properties in case you have damaged properties as a result of flooding. Don’t sleep on this one make hay while the sun shines.

Here are my rainy season tips and tricks if you have any other idea please let me know and if you found any of the tips useful also let me know in the comment section.

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