Welcome To The WhoGoMake™ Creative Business Consulting Page

Do you have a unique concern or question about your ongoing or prospective creative business that requires a one-on-one consultation with an experienced professional?

Meet our consultants; they are carefully selected and vetted professional with the required expertized to provide solutions to your business concerns while guiding you to ever come the challenges of running your creative business.

They include creative entrepreneurs, business coach, and experienced craftsmen that understand the creative business market. On an hourly based pre-paid session, they would work with you to create actionable solutions to issues you’re facing with your creative business so you can take your next big step and attain your goals.

This consulting session is perfect for creative entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Figure out the next steps to take their business to the next level
  • Define and achieve new goals and be accountable
  • Grow their business with calculated risks and get rid of what’s not working
  • Organize their business for maximum productivity and success
  • Create realistic to-do lists
  • Rekindle their passion for your business


Our consultants are skilled in helping creative entrepreneurs with:

  • Strategy And Business Organization: organization, time management, goal setting, self-care and accountability.
  • Sales And Marketing: retail and wholesale sales, craft shows, trade shows, working with reps, running an online shop and in-house sales
  • Digital Media / Public Relation:press kits and releases, pitching, social media organization/management, DIY PR and newsletter content/creation
  • Finance And Book Keeping: pricing, accounting, QuickBooks, analyzing profit and loss, invoicing and budgeting
  • Multiple Income Streams: teaching in-person workshops, creating online courses, speaking at events, creating kits & patterns
  • Production: hiring employees, delegating work, implementing deadlines and sourcing materials
  • Writing/Blogging:online copy including creating a compelling about page and product descriptions, blogging and guest posting, editorial calendars, working with sponsors
  • Event Production: planning, organizing, promoting and producing off-site events like workshops and retreats as well as securing sponsors.


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