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There are so many reasons to have plants in your space ! Apart from the obvious aesthetic upgrade it gives, it also helps to improve the indoor air quality.

DIY bottle planter

I have a sudden obsession with plants and I’ve been experimenting a lot with them. When I first read about hydroponics, the idea of growing plants in water  and fertilizer was cool but I just didn’t think it was something I could pull off  so I never really bothered about it. A couple of weeks ago I stopped by my local plant shop and I got a pothos plant .The plan was for me to hang the plants indoors but sadly my planter was too small and I had to cut off some of the stems.Throwing it away was definitely not an option for me so I decided to put the cut off stem into a bottle of water with the roots immersed in water and to my utmost surprise I noticed that the plant was growing and thriving and I didn’t have to use fertilizer .

I would never pass up an opportunity to upcycle  so I upcycled an old wine bottle into a planter.


  1. Empty wine bottle
  2. Mod podge or white glue
  3. Plain paper
  4. Glitters


empty bottle

empty bottle

Wash your bottle thoroughly, and remove all the labels from the wine bottle. the easiest way to this is by pouring hot water into the bottle the labels would come off almost immediately and if it doesn’t, you just have to wash it with sponge and detergent.


Set your bottle aside and allow it to dry then take your plain sheet of paper and draw out your preferred shape .I wanted a perfect circle so I traced out a circle on the plain paper and cut it out using a razor blade.


Cover your bottle  round with your cut out paper, you can tape the two ends with a cellotape or a masking tape. Afterwards , apply your white glue to the cut out portions. I made use of top bond and it worked perfectly but the best thing to use is mod podge.


Pour your glitter on top of the glue and allow to dry for at least twenty four hours. When it is dry you can remove the paper  and then you have your decorative  bottle Planter.

It is perfect if you are like me  and you are trying out hydroponics or you want to make a unique vase for your artificial plant.


What do you think about this DIY? would you try it out?



Making a DIY cork mirror was literally the last thing on my DIY project  list till I saw a travel blogger showcasing her airbnb apartment and I spotted the cutest corked frame mirror. I already had a couple of wine corks saved for me by my cousins so it was perfect for me to frame my mirror with them.

I do this thing where I ask our followers on Instagram to guess what we are making.Seeing that we are one big happy  DIY loving family.

Empty cognac bottle and different wine corks

So a few days ago when  I asked  for guesses I got the most hilarious and interesting guesses. Everyone knew that the bottle  was going to be upcycled into a vase,but they couldn’t fathom what I was making with the wine corks. The guesses ranged from earrings to key holders and even table mat . I really loved the guesses as they gave me ideas of other DIYs to make with wine corks.

 Upcycled DIYs are cool because get to explore creativity and in your own way help to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.


1.mirror(preferably framed)

2. wine corks(the more the merrier)

3.glue gun

4.cutter paper

6.white powder


Put all your materials together,with your cutter cut your wine corks into desired shapes and sizes.

Cutting the cork with a cutter

I  wanted mine to be round and flat but you can cut any shape and size.its best to use a cutter or a knife.  P.S do not use a blade  to cut  the cork so you don’t injure yourself .


After cutting all your wine corks the next thing you do is to cover  the front surface of your mirror with news paper so that the glue doesn’t adhere to the front surface of your mirror.


With your glue gun, start adhering the corks to your mirror edges.Its best to use a glue gun for this DIY as other  know adhesives like the UHU would take a longer bonding  time.


When you are done with  gluing the cork to the mirror,you now remove the newspaper, pour some white powder on the mirror surface and clean with a felt cloth.





















Voila! your DIY cork mirror is ready. Its so simple and easy to make.What are your thoughts?


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