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April 10, 2019


Hair accessories are having a moment in 2019 and there is no slowing down, we absolutely love it.I first noticed this on the runway during fashion week in 2018 but now there seems to be a full explosion of hair accessories . Instagram is loaded with different variations from hairclips, headbands, scrunchies to scarves. we love the childhood memories they bring back to us.

If you are yet to cop any of these accessories , don’t sweat it as we have a tutorial that would show you how to make your own velvet Barrette


What you Need:

velvet trim (2 yards)

flat faux pearl


needle and thread

plain hair clip


Cut two different lengths of your velvelt ribbon, mine was 8inches and 10 inches respectively. join both ends together using your adhesive and you would have two loops.

Stack the two pieces on too of each other with the smaller one on top and you would have something like this.

Cut out a new strip of the velvet ribbon and attach a faux pearl in the middle using thread and needle.

next step is to wrap the first two ribbons with the pearl embellished one and you would have something like this.

Cut out two equal strips of the velvet ribbon  and attach to the back using your adhesive. trim off the edges slantly and burn off to avoid fraying.

Attach your faux pearl  round the entire is advisable to mark with chalk before attaching the pearl.

Attach the velvet barrette to a hair clip using the E-600 adhesive.


Voila! Your DIY barrette is ready.

What are your thoughts?? would you try this out?


There are so many reasons to have plants in your space ! Apart from the obvious aesthetic upgrade it gives, it also helps to improve the indoor air quality.

DIY bottle planter

I have a sudden obsession with plants and I’ve been experimenting a lot with them. When I first read about hydroponics, the idea of growing plants in water  and fertilizer was cool but I just didn’t think it was something I could pull off  so I never really bothered about it. A couple of weeks ago I stopped by my local plant shop and I got a pothos plant .The plan was for me to hang the plants indoors but sadly my planter was too small and I had to cut off some of the stems.Throwing it away was definitely not an option for me so I decided to put the cut off stem into a bottle of water with the roots immersed in water and to my utmost surprise I noticed that the plant was growing and thriving and I didn’t have to use fertilizer .

I would never pass up an opportunity to upcycle  so I upcycled an old wine bottle into a planter.


  1. Empty wine bottle
  2. Mod podge or white glue
  3. Plain paper
  4. Glitters


empty bottle

empty bottle

Wash your bottle thoroughly, and remove all the labels from the wine bottle. the easiest way to this is by pouring hot water into the bottle the labels would come off almost immediately and if it doesn’t, you just have to wash it with sponge and detergent.


Set your bottle aside and allow it to dry then take your plain sheet of paper and draw out your preferred shape .I wanted a perfect circle so I traced out a circle on the plain paper and cut it out using a razor blade.


Cover your bottle  round with your cut out paper, you can tape the two ends with a cellotape or a masking tape. Afterwards , apply your white glue to the cut out portions. I made use of top bond and it worked perfectly but the best thing to use is mod podge.


Pour your glitter on top of the glue and allow to dry for at least twenty four hours. When it is dry you can remove the paper  and then you have your decorative  bottle Planter.

It is perfect if you are like me  and you are trying out hydroponics or you want to make a unique vase for your artificial plant.


What do you think about this DIY? would you try it out?


Five reasons why you should adopt the DIY lifestyle.
March 20, 2019


DIY is cool .There is nothing more satisfying than doing things for yourself.

” Sometimes your heart speaks best through your hands.”

Over the years,DIY  has become more popular. A lot of people are creating and making their own projects from start to finish and It is interesting to note that the love of DIY cuts across age,gender,sex,religion or social status.No two DIYer is the same but in general we are a friendly group of people who are not afraid to make mistakes.

After so many years of doing DIYs,making mistakes,wasting materials,bruising my hands,sourcing for raw materials and from my general DIY experiences.I have discovered  many benefits and I’m here to share the top five reasons why you should also adopt the DIY lifestyle.


1.You get to explore your creative side.

There is no better feeling than bringing your imagination to life .Doing a DIY project  creates the perfect opportunity for you to connect your hands with your brain. Hands on experiences makes you think better and faster, and you also learn better especially from your mistakes. So whether you are starting out a new project, or you are upcycling or recycling an old material you get to explore creativity in your own way.

2. It creates the perfect bonding opportunity.

One of the easiest way to bond  with your partner or children is by doing creative  things together. From  the endless banter you have with your partner when you are trying to set up your home furniture to the delegation of  chores to your little ones when get to learn more about your children and their genuine interests and you also unconsciously  pass down skills from generations to generations. so whether its baking, fencing, knitting, sewing, painting  etc …. DIY activities, helps to create bonding opportunities with you and your loved ones.

3. You can have a main or side hustle.

DIY Velvet ribbon

So many hand made businesses are thriving thanks to Etsy, amazon handmade and even Pinterest. I recently went for an event and the speaker said her business started accidentally. She made a swim wear for herself took a picture and put it on Instagram and she got a lot of requests for where she got her swim wear . immediately she saw that opportunity and took advantage of it. Today she is a household name in the Nigerian fashion scene. You can perfect your crafts and make them available for sale. Your hobby can start making you millions.

4.You connect with other creatives.

Team work

One of the most peculiar characteristics of DIY lovers is their willingness to help and share .There are so many communities where ideas, resources and tools are shared and genuine friendships are made and a perfect example is  at .We share ideas ,inspirations,  tutorials, kits to bring your project to life and we organize off line events for real life bonding. You should  join us.

5.You get bragging rights and you become more appreciative of people that create things.

I became more appreciative of my tailors, after I made my first skirt  and it took me over four hours and back ache to complete the skirt. I  got so many compliments and I was also very happy to say “I made my skirt”. DIY has made me appreciate artisans and everybody that makes things with their hands.

These are some of the reasons why I love DIYs. Are you a DIY lover?Join our growing community, follow us on our social media let the adventures begin.


January 19, 2019


DIY fabric shoe bag


Whenever I have to pack for travel for a trip, finding a way to pack my shoes always poses a problem, so I always fall back on the good old cellophane bags.

I recently went on one of such trips with a friend and when she was unpacking, I noticed she brought out her shoes from a fancy fabric bag.

I really loved it, so I thought to get one for myself (the DIY way) of course.

After making mine, I have to say that it was really easy to make and it was a good use of leftover fabric. It is also very functional, it can be washed, it can take more than one shoe and it would make for a nice party favor or souvenir.


What you need

1.       Fabric.

2.       Measuring tape.

3.       Sewing machine.

4.       Scissors.

5.       Matching thread.

6.       Rope or bias tape.



Cut out two rectangles of equal dimension 13cm by 16cm.



Lay the two rectangles on top each other with the right side of the material facing each other inwardly.


With your sewing machine, sew together all the three sides of the rectangle leaving the top most side.



Fold the top hem of the two sides of the bag, sew along until it forms a tube. Turn the bag inside out and iron out all the edges.




Cut out your rope or bias tape approximately 30cm, attach the rope to a pen or a pencil and push one end of the rope through the tube on one side and move it through the other side and tie. You should be able to pull the rope to close your bag.


When you are done  you would have something like this.



I really enjoyed making this shoe bag and would definitely be making more as gifts for my friends.


How cool is this bag, and how do you pack your shoes when you travel?


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