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We believe that we all were created to create and that there is a maker in each and everyone of us that wants to connect our minds with our hands. We have a unique destination for DIY event, tutorials, crafts ideas and craft kits. So, whether you want to creatively curate your daily life or you want to be a creative entrepreneur, we are excited to be a part of your journey towards embracing your creative self. Feel free to learn, share and connect.


Who then, is a creative or creator? 

When you hear the word “creatives”, you might immediately think of 20- or 30-somethings.
They are classed as young “color-outside-the-lines” right-brain “think-outside-the-box” sorts of folks…who sometimes make the rest of us nuts. You might think of the artists, writers, and musicians out there. However, in truth, creatives include all those people who solve problems, including the ones who set up problems and then solve them. They are the inventors, the entrepreneurs, the designers, and the planners who have the capacity to make our lives better to even make the world better.

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