WhoGoMake was co-founded by brother-sister duo, Osize and Gagu Ojo. Born and raised by hardworking parents who ran furniture making and event decoration businesses, Their childhood memories were centered around making and tinkering with electronics, fashion and craft.

Fast forward adulthood, after a few negative experiences with local artisans, they both decided to do and fix stuffs by themselves. Their friends continued to encourage them to do more with positive feedbacks about their creations and crafts. and were always eager to learn if given the chance.

In 2017, during a short meet-up somewhere in Yaba, Lagos, They both decided amongst other ideas that there was need for a technology driven community in Africa, where young people can get valuable content and resources that would enhance their creative skills of while also providing an opportunity for creatives to make a living from doing what they love to do.

Their experience as young professionals and entrepreneurs came in handy in making their idea a reality. Gagu is a trained; Doctor of Optometry and an Alumni of the Lagos GE Garage, While Osize, is the Operations Director at Young Engineers Edutainment Ltd – A STEM enrichment Company.

Today, WhoGoMake Hub Limited runs as a start-up company based in Lagos, Nigeria.